Sculpture "Flow"



Kilkenny Blue Limestone
60 x 30 x 15 cm

This carved stone was made for the Waterland group exhibition, inspired by water and the canal. It represents the surface of the water, the dark mysterious depths that lie below, and the slow flow of the canal into the Liffey and the Irish Sea beyond. The dimensions of the block of stone are in direct proportion to the size and shape of Grand Canal Quay. The choice of material was inspired by the abundant use of Kilkenny Limestone in the surrounding historic buildings, such as Boland’s Mill and The Design Tower. Its polished surface tempts the viewer to caress the sculpture. Kilkenny Blue Limestone, a native Irish marble, is made up of fossilized sea and water creatures dating back hundreds of millions of years.

“Elizabeth O’Kane’s Flow is a thing of simple and solid beauty”,
Sunday Times, Culture Magazine, “The north bites back – Print and portraits feature heavily at the RUA’s
annual show”,
by John P O’Sullivan, Sunday 22 October, 2017.