• Sunday Times, Culture Magazine

    Sunday 22 October, 2017
    The north bites back. Print and portraits feature heavily at the RUA's annual show, by John P O'Sullivan.






  • Scan of image from article 'Talent Counts as Elizabeth unveils McCormack bronze'

    Ballymena Times

    Tuesday, July 1, 2008
    Talent Counts as Elizabeth unveils McCormack bronze, by Karen Fullerton
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  • Scan of image from article 'Legend Millar face to face with himself'

    Belfast Telegraph

    Tuesday May 20 2008
    Legend Millar face to face with himself, by Gavin Mairs
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  • Scan of image from article 'Syd immortalised by local sculptor'

    Ballymena Times

    20 May 2008
    Syd immortalised by local sculptor, by Karen Fullerton
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  • News Letter

    20 May 2008
    Sculptor's bronze of rugby hero, by Karen Fullerton



  • News Letter

    17 May 2005
    Art, Auctions & Antiques
    New Talent goes on show

  • Image of Article 'Mary Ann is finally given recognition'

    North Belfast News

    15 January 2005
    Mary Ann is finally given recognition
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  • LES CHIENS CELEBRES REELS et FICTIFS dans l'Art, la Culture et l'Histoire, by Guillaume de Lavigne,, 2015 (Page 334).
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  • Echappées belles, France 5. Interviewed in French tv travel documentary about Dublin, 9 December 2017. Click here to watch the show (and fast forward to 1 hour 8 minutes).
  • RTE 1 Nationwide. John Count McCormack sculpture featured on walking tour of Dublin's public sculptures by author Neal Doherty of Alchemy Tours, 2015.
  • UTV Live at 6 Interview with Dr. Syd Millar, Irish rugby legend, 19 May 2008.
  • RTE 1 'Capital D' Nationwide. Interview about Elizabeth's sculpture work, 2006.
  • NVTV, Documentary on the making of bronze bust for Belfast City Hall, 2004.
  • RTE1 'Beyond the Hall Door'. Sculpture featured in a studio setting, 2001.



  • Radio Midlands 103

    28 January 2011
    Brendan Berry, Chairman of the Mick the Miller Greyhound Committee, discussing Elizabeth's bronze sculpture of the famous greyhound.
  • RTE Radio 1

    Wednesday 8 June, 2011
    Today with Pat Kenny
    Interview with Valerie Cox


  • U105, N. Ireland, Dr. Syd Millar interview, 19 May 2008


  • BBC Radio Ulster, Arts Extra, McCracken interview, December 2004